Gilbert reported that the Athenians in general seemed relieved that the northern city of Adrianople did not have to be surrendered according to the terms of the proposed armistice, more or less oblivious to the government’s concerns about the potential danger to Greeks left in Anatolia and subsequent destabilization in Greece itself. The press of both factions screamed betrayal of the Anatolian venture. While some Venizelists were hoping that Kemal would reject the terms of the proposed armistice, he soon responded by accepting the armistice but demanding an immediate evacuation by the Greek army. 

Gilbert accurately predicted, against the opinion of almost everyone he was in contact with, that Gounaris would win a vote of confidence in the Greek Assembly, which he did since the Venizelists withdrew.

Gilbert lamented in general how badly the Greeks had been treated by the Allies and why had they ever given the Greeks Smyrna to deal with anyway.