Review of Lost Worlds in the May issue of the Journal of the Modern Greek Studies Association, written by the Archivist at the American School in Athens, Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan:

In part:

“In writing about Bagnani’s Greek adventures, Begg has produced a page-turner, a blend of biography, history, and travel literature. An engaging storyteller, Begg skillfully balances his own well-written prose with long excerpts from Bagnani’s letters and political essays, thus making the reading of each chapter an informative and enjoyable experience. Fourteen black and white photos further enhance his narrative. …

In 2022 Greece will be commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. There are only a few books in English accessible to a broad audience that consider the events of 1922. These include, for example, Michael Llewellyn Smith’s Ionian Vision (1973)Lou Ureneck’s The Great Fire (2015), and Philip Mansel’s Levant: Splendour and Catastrophe on the Mediterranean (2010). To these we should now add Begg’s Lost Worlds.”GSA Journal